Holistic Energy Healing Niamh Kissane


Phone: 087 795 7656
Room 5, The Old Infirmary,
Island of Geese,
Strand Road, Tralee,
Co. Kerry.

Distance Bio-Energy Therapy Sessions

Since the beginning of Covid 19 here in Ireland, I've closed my healing work space to face 2 face appointments. However I'm delighted to say that Bio-Energy Therapy sessions can be done via distance healing. The appointment takes place as if we are in the same room, via Skype video call or WhatsApp Call. If you would like further information or require a booking, please contact me on 087 7957656, email niamhkissane@gmail.com, or DM via @niamhkissaneholistic or via FB Messenger to Niamh Kissane Holistic Healing.

About Niamh Kissane


Now more than ever before, people can see how much more involved they can be in finding their way towards health, and healing. Before it was seen that someone else held the key to you getting better or finding your balance; now its more widely known now that our health and well-being is so much more in our own hands. We often just need some help on the way.'

Nobody can heal us; our healing depends on how much work we we put into our self growth and healing. Our happiness depends on it. Our relationships depends on it. We can choose either to get through this lifetime holding onto fears and old unhelpful habits. Or we can choose to live life to our fullest potential.

What they say...

I contacted Niamh for bio-energy 2 years ago. I was going through a very difficult time. I had very little energy and struggled to cope with what life was throwing at me. After I had several treatments, which I found very helpful. At first my symptoms got slightly worse but as a complementary therapist I was aware that it was completely normal. As the treatments went on I started to feel better. The bio-energy sessions combined with Niamh's spiritual and compassionate attitude were very helpful in assisting me to go inside and heal at a deeper level. Although my current situation has remained the same my energy levels have improved dramatically and I have reached a level of peace that I never though was possible. I would highly recommend Niamh. She is very caring and professional.

My initial hopes had been to find some relief to a physical complaint I have had for the past three years. My pain has been a daily burden for such a long time and an unconscious focus of much of my bodies energy. Our interactions not only relaxed me physically it gave me personal time and a safe space to explore a range of emotions both past and present. It allowed me to explore the gift that is me and concentrate my energy on self healing, I found after our sessions I had a new level of understanding of my bodies workings and an ability to focus on the positive aspects of my situation and in turn allowed me some physical respite from the stress that are associated with having an injury such as mine. It helped me focus on what emotional healing I could do to ease my over all stress levels. In the weeks that have followed I have made a time for myself and have enjoyed it!

I had been having problems with my Sinuses for several months. I also had some stress and anxiety in my life, which in turn raised my blood pressure. As well as that, I had pain at the back of my neck. I had been for alternative/complementary treatments before but I had never experienced Bioenergy . On my first session, Niamh was immediately welcoming. Overall, I felt relaxed after each session and slept well each night. My neck pain really lessened during that first week and I noticed my stress levels decrease. I felt I had more energy. Bioenergy has helped dramatically with my sinuses. I have less neck pain. I have more energy and less stress/anxiety. My blood pressure was checked (at home) after the treatment and it was normal. I am also feeling positive. I think it is a great treatment to experience and I would recommend to others to try it.

I have attended with Niamh for a course of bioenergy treatment. My primary ailment was poor digestion (IBS) together with high stress levels and some anxiety. I also had been experiencing mild vertigo for a number of months. I found the treatment to be extremely relaxing. After the initial few minutes my mind would quieten and I could drift off into an almost meditative state. Each time I was intrigued to learn Niamh’s feedback of my energy field. I always felt very calm and relaxed leaving each session. Having now finished my course of treatment I definitely think bioenergy has significantly helped me in a variety of ways. I am pleased to say that my vertigo is completely gone. Overall I feel my ability to deal with both stress and anxiety has vastly improved. My digestion issues have calmed but I’m confident these are largely diet related. At all times I found Niamh to be professional, welcoming and very understanding and would highly recommend her as a practitioner. Best wishes,