Bio-Energy Therapy

Are you ready to step through the door to awaken the part of you that is looking to feel more alive?


Are you ready to embrace the changes of the real you?



I invite you to step through the door to turn up with yourself 

and see

 the light

 within you



Once you arrive for an in-person Bio-Energy session, we sit down and chat about exactly what you wish to address, or change, or heal. Nothing is too big or small, and by verbalising what you wish to express, or what you’ve been holding back from saying has an effect of already letting the healing commence.

In fact in my own experience, I’ve observed that once people schedule an appointment time, the heaviness or stagnancy begins to shift according to what the person is able for. I always remind people that whatever comes up to the surface to be healed, that they can handle it. 

You will need to allow 75 mins to 90 mins for your Bio-Energy session. It’s also best advisable to schedule your appointment on a day when you know you will be less busy. This means you will have time to settle and reflect after your session and re-group before getting back into the daily grind.