Niamh is passionate about healing, health, wellbeing, shining to our fullest potential, the inner journey, learning and moving beyond the obstacles that we often face. A natural empath, and faced with her own personal health setbacks, she navigated within the myriad of options available to return back on track with her health. Having trained and worked as a Chartered Physiotherapist, she became interested in complementary medicine and received training in NST Bobath, and Western Acupuncture, as well as introducing meditation, yoga, and dance into her own personal and spiritual wellness routine.

After completing her certificate training in Bio-Energy Therapy, she could start to feel energy and the blockages in the energies of clients suffering with different ailments. She was also able to intuitively see the possible reasons behind the blocks and why the energy wasn’t flowing, and then provide solutions which a client could bring into their own wellness routine.

Niamh now offers Bio-Energy healing sessions and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage to clients wishing to move beyond their personal obstacles and making better choices for their Wellbeing.

In her spare time Niamh loves spending time with her husband and son, being outdoors in nature, sea swims, dancing, and socialising with friends and family.

Niamh is also very grateful for the teachings, mentoring and support from Sonia Choquette, Sinead Woods, Orla McGrath, Caroline Myss, her Guides, and Gerry Browne.