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"Would you like to feel lighter, more resilient and better able to cope with the ups and downs of life?"

In my own observation with this work I offer, clients describe mostly a deep sense of relaxation, calm and grounding. Being aware of the areas of their life where they most want change, it can happen very fast, but usually changes can take a steadier pace, allowing us to keep up with such changes.

No one remedy works for everyone and everybody has their own connection to what they must do, change or reverse. Hence when I meet a client for the first time, we discuss what areas of their life they wish to address.

The actual energy session where there’s no words or conversation takes care of moving what needs to go, and be released. 

Taking a pause like this helps to open the channels of clarity to make better, healthier choices; such as saying no to what needs to go.

I’ve seen and helped with clients who have niggling or chronic physical injuries and I see now how these injuries can stem from our own deep need to change something in our lives.

The body is an amazing messenger. We can choose to allow any pain messages to guide us in releasing old wounds, shocks or trauma.

Sometimes in a session the details of the exact trauma may not be exact or the image may be very clear. It doesn’t matter, and the details are not what’s most important.

One may experience some deep sighs and another may remember old childhood scenes and experience tears or sadness. The point is everyone responds differently and I hold the space to facilitate that change to take place.

There are many ways in which to help keep harmony to our energy field and prevent any leaks or blockages from occurring. I will explain and teach you about these during our Bio-Energy Therapy session together. 

Your sessions can be done in my clinic or through Distance Sessions where I can meet you in your living room with phone call, or WhatsApp Video Call.

Session Prices (In-Person & Distance)

During the session, your energy will reveal information about what may be causing your symptoms or ailment.  I’ll discuss this information with you, and hence you will better informed what changes, big or small, you can make to better empower your daily life. Any feedback is a suggestion; you decide only based upon what you sense is right.


Each session lasts approx up to 75 mins. How many sessions you will need differs for everybody, but I usually advise a course of 4 bookings, and then re-evaluate. Some people need Somatic Reclamation in mini sessions before going into energy healing, and I’ll let you know that when you initially attend. Hence I sometimes combine these therapies into one session. 

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Currently the time to wait for a booking slot is 3 to 4 weeks.
 Free spaces do come up from cancellations or changes, and I do my best to accommodate everybody who gets in touch.

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Niamh is a member of B.E.T.A., Bio-Energy Therapists Association of Ireland

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