Hi, I'm Niamh

For over 20 years now I’ve helped people improve their health, firstly as a chartered physiotherapist and in the last 6 years with Energy Healing Therapy.  Through this medium I’ve been helping people and their energy to flow in it’s most optimum way. 

I’ve experienced and observed how helping the energy to flow starts and continues a process whereby the person reconnects back to themselves, their essence and their real self.  

This not only helps improve their health and well being, but also helps heal relationships, not just with others but towards themselves. I’ve observed that most people neglect compassion towards themselves, and hence abandon who they are.

 Working with energy and feeling within the body allows a person to make bold leaps towards freeing themselves from old ‘stuff’. 

 I’ve been a natural empath for as long as I can remember and this wasn’t so easy to deal with in my younger years. I was very sensitive to the energy fields of others and tried to push that sensitivity away.

Our past can remain stored in the body as old hurts and wounds but it has the potential to be switched to learning, forgiveness and, eventually released.

When someone attends for healing, for Bio-Energy Therapy or Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, they've already chosen to engage with themselves to the 'realness' of who they are.

Courage is needed for healing; I believe everyone has that potential

I was raised by my parents in Dublin and then Ardfert in County Kerry where I grew up with my siblings and cousins in the freedom of the countryside. We lived with my grandmother for 5 years and I was lucky enough to observe the deep faith she placed in God and the Divine.

She influenced my life in big ways, and even though I only knew her for a short time, she helped me to recognise and understand that I was aware of others’ energy fields.

Growing up I loved physical activity in the form of athletics, GAA, and soccer and the feeling it gave to me of robust energy, and connection to my body. However, I fell backwards in my health during my teens and again in my twenties, where I dealt with low body weight issues and navigated for years on my own journey of self development to reconnect the ‘health- dots’ back together.

I worked for 20 years as a chartered physiotherapist and was learning that the body is never a system that works independently of our mind or emotions. I suffered ‘work burn out’ over a slow sustained period, and began to understand that my own body needed far more ‘sustenance’ than just good nutrition and good quality of sleep.

Everyone Has Potential

Over the past 10 years since being on this self development journey, I have learned to connect back to what I enjoy best in life.  This includes releasing old painful stories and hurts from the past, instead of running away from them.  It also includes examining the negative self-talk and changing the thoughts to positive.  I have also learned to ease back on the go-go and do-do attitude and enjoy having stillness and rest as part of my day.  No change is easy but taking small steps is the first step to the bigger picture.

Ask yourself how you see yourself in 5 or 10 years time, and this will help you to stick to positive habits that instil fresh and creative energy to your day.