Embracing the Darker Evenings

This time of year, as we enter mid-November, we hear it spoken all around us, of the resistance and ‘dread’ of facing the darker evenings, as Winter sets in. Additionally the energy of a worldwide virus, with restrictions and lockdowns, is closing further in on people’s psyche and energy field even more in 2020.

This resistance often shows naturally in many of us from mid-August, as the summer cycle ends, and early Autumn starts to shift into gear in this part of the northern hemisphere. And it’s natural to resist that change from the open, sun expansiveness and enter into the vibrations of the Autumn message of ‘letting go’. It challenged me many times going from early August and into mid September, and for many years I used to wear my Summer shorts until October as a sign of showing the laws of Naure that I didn’t agree. As if they would really listen to me!

I want to say here now also, that resisting change is normal. So normal in fact because we humans do not like to change, until that change is forced upon us. Over the past few years I slowly began to allow myself observe my resistance of the turn into Autumn, and I noticed, that I stopped wearing shorts as I really didn’t enjoy having my legs cold, and I started to let my mind and body ‘settle’ into the natural change of the seasons. I began to notice that I really did enjoy the colours of Autumn and the message it brought of ‘Drop it’ and ‘Shed’.

The entry of the darker evenings, the stronger intensity which lasts from mid November to mid January, sparks many people into a downward nehative headspin. I literally see where people drop their bodies and shoulders into a heaviness which their words and thoughts link darkness to the more negative aspects of life such as moodiness, heaviness, depression, and loss of interest in life. Some people even convince themselves to ‘just get through it’ and then they miss out on the valuable and nurturing energies that the longer dark hours bring.

But what are these valuable energies I hear you call out? The darker evenings signpost a time of hibernation. Yes, I know I said that word, and you may just scoff at the idea that humans need hibernation, but in such a form, without ‘hermitting’ ourselves, we do require a sort of Winter time-out.

Ask yourself also, why is there such a sick society today, where illness is rampant and hospitals are overrun with craziness over the Winter period. Us as a human race have allowed our ‘go-go’ attitude and mindsets to take control.

We are letting ourselves loose control to our ‘do-do’ attitude. When clients come in for help to my practice, I often emphasise that in order to feel well, the body, and mind crave rest and relaxation. Every good holistic therapist will tell you that our health is determined by what we give to it. If we give it busyness, it will keep ticking faster and faster, until a health issue calls our attention. If we ignore it, life will give us a bigger slap in the face.

We have a gland situated near the top of our head, in our brain which is shaped like a pine cone, called the Pineal gland. It’s role in producing melatonin to help with sleep and hormones for the menstrual cycle is widely researched. This gland loves being balanced by being outside in the natural dark as well as being outside in daylight. This means getting outside when we can during the day, but also during the hours of darkness.

Wintering well for me means doing less and being still more often. It doesn’t mean scheduling needless activities, tasks that require more travelling, more time away from home, and more time away from the people that are important to us. Nature can’t flourish from being in constant flower and bloom 365 days of the year. Once a year, it sheds, becomes smaller, then rests.

Below are a few suggestions of embracing the darker evenings that maybe you might connect to.

Go outside…

  • How much less ‘commercial’ and less busy can you make Christmas this year? List the essential important tasks, and then list the less important tasks. Reflect on what’s of most value to Your Christmas time so that you feel more rejuvenated and rested leading up to and following the holiday time.
  • What can you introduce to your day to helps you feel rested and relaxed?
  • Go back to your childhood and recall what did you enjoy in the Wintertime that you may have forgotten about, and that you could re-introduce this Winter time.
  • If you have a fireplace, start using it; simply gazing at the fire, promotes grounding, calm, and inner warmth.
  • Instead of watching TV every night, use 1, 2 or 3 nights of the week, to be screen free nights. Instead use it for craft-making, playing boardgames or cards, reading, or just gazing at that wonderful fire.
  • Talk and Share: talk to your beloved, your children, your mom, your dad, your friends, your siblings. Take time out to talk to the people who are most important to you in your life.
  • Go outside; during the day but also after it turns dark. Be it for 5 mins or longer, and it doesn’t matter if your area is lit up by street lights. Your Pineal gland will find more balance. This will help promote better sleep and for your hormones in general.
  • And remember doing nothing means you aren’t being productive: You’re producing restorative vibrational energy in your body cells. Meditation, daydreaming, mindfullness, and yoga nidra all help with this practice.

17th November 2020