I am Energy: Part 1

I am Energy

Part One: Energy and Food

I am energy, you are energy, community is energy, and all living beings are energy. Energy is all there is.

Quantum Physics AND Physics have discovered this and the same conclusion is reached; our cells are in constant motion.

They are not still.

So, yes, take a deep breath, and know that we are MORE, much more than this physical body; we are more than meets the eye.

This is just profoundly Amazing.

In the Sixties, the World Health Organisation concluded that we do have an energy field around us. My energy field isn’t necessarily the same as yours, or yours isn’t going to be the same as your mother’s. But it knows and wants to flow in the most optimum way. What’s important also is that our energy field is influencing the health of our physical body. Wow! Why wasn’t I taught that in secondary school science?

So let’s take food as an example in this blog piece. Can I help improve the flow of my energy field by changing what foods I put into my body?

The Answer is yes, yes. It seems obvious but so many of us have a relationship with food that is either uncontrolled or too controlled and is creating havoc to a harmony that’s our responsibility to create.

So how do we create better harmony with food, and hence our energy?

Our body’s cells receive the nutrients they need from what we ingest. If the right balance of vitamins, minerals, iron, protein, fat, etc is in the food, our cells will feed off the chemistry and ‘vibration’ of those foods, and vibrate and function optimally. When our cells are working optimally, our energy field and energy centres move and flow better. Sounds simple and the ideal right, but here’s more.

If you eat food that you know is not good for you and you add the emotion of feeling guilty for ingesting it, not only will your body’s cells not receive good nutrition, but the guilt emotions you feel, will exacerbate the toxicity. The vibration of guilt on an already stressed system will contribute to making you feel awful about yourself, resent yourself, and contribute to sluggishness, anxiety, poor mood, and reduced energy. In other words your energy will just feel blah. If you have this happening meal after meal, week after week, year after year, it’s easy to see how the energy field will quickly become congested. If you’re eating a balanced diet, and treat yourself to something you know isn’t adding any goodness to your body, BUT you enjoy it, best bet is to just enjoy it, and leave out the guilt part, then you’re avoiding a double whammy. Your body will process and expel the toxic parts easily enough then.

The key point here is that our body responds to the foods we eat. Our mood responds to the foods we eat. Our energy field is vibrant if we enjoy and eat foods that nourish us, not deplete us.

In my teens and in my twenties, I suffered from anorexia bulimia, basically an eating disorder of hypervigilance of what I ate. I allowed the emotion of self hatred to run riot on my body and energy field. I had to learn how to appreciate, love, let go, and ENJOY my food and meals. I know and have experienced what food and the surrounding emotions do to my energy, to my overall wellbeing and connection to life.

My tips for you to help add energy to your day when it comes to food are:

  • Choose foods that are not from industrial farming methods that involve chemicals, antibiotics, or hazardous spraying.
  • Choose Organic; these foods are more suited to our chemistry make- up.
  • Experiment and be curious: just because you read an article that theorises that carbohydrates are bad, doesn’t mean you need to be the guinea pig to believe in that theory.
  • Thank your food before you eat it. Yes, like the grace before meals, a simple thank you or a moment to see the goodness of the food on the plate in front of you.
  • Enjoy, enjoy your food and taste it! Eating good food is just pure pleasure. If you have kids, or are taking care of someone, even if for one meal of the day you let yourself slow down to enjoy and taste the food. If you’re distracted talking on the phone or working whilst eating, you may as well eat cardboard instead for all the benefit it will give you!

Habit changing and conscious choices needs repeating, and repeating until it simply becomes part of your new programming. Look and learn from what the foods you eat currently and how they’re affecting you AND how you THINK about the foods you eat.

And Remember:

Consciousness is creating our life’s experience

Albert Einstein

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