I am Energy: Part 2

Part 2: How our Energy field is affected by our Thoughts

‘What we think, we become’

The Buddha

Our thought patterns determine our current and future experiences and what we co-create in this ‘reality’. The ancient mystics and Ascended Masters have known this and yet the distance between our heads and hearts can remain a very long journey apart in our journey through life.

The mind chatter and thoughts that pass through us daily, are often at most times an endless flood and barrage of what if’s, should I’s, I can’t believe he/she did that, and I couldn’t, just to name just a very few small examples. That is why so many find it easier to either deny or run away from any practices to involve us to sit quietly or be in the present moment. We often don’t want to come face to face with our thoughts.

Pema Chodron https://www.shambhala.com/pema-chodron/, the renowned spiritual teacher and author speaks about how we’re never really told to stop running away from fear, until we’re cornered and forced to stop.

With meditation and mindfulness, there is:

an invitation to notice when we reach our limit and to not get carried away by hope and fear.

From the book ‘When things fall apart’ by Pema Chodron.

Without getting into complicated explanation of how thoughts affect our energy field, and emotions, lets start with the simple truth that:

Emotions follow thoughts.

Feeling sad, or feeling disappointed, or elated, usually starts with the thought. It doesn’t mean one is fully aware of the thought. Most people often don’t realise they are having that thought and it may be after a number of hours, days, weeks or months, or years having the same thoughts of worry, disappointment or resentment, that one can realise an underlying emotion that follows them around and can’t shake off, is from a thought. The thought has never been looked at, allowed to have some space, or to be questioned as to it’s validity and truth. It’s simply been allowed to happen, and the person can take it to be true. Without being conscious of it.

Added to that, we now know in research conducted by an epigenetics Scientist from UCLA School of Medicine in Los Angeles concluded a person’s belief or subjective experience carries more power than our reality or our objective situation. (Dr. Steve Cole, a Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, Sept 2013)

The important point to note here is that feelings of fear, or being in a constant state of fear shuts down our immune system. The hormones produced don’t allow our body to be in a healthy response state. Our body is too busy dealing with the perceived or mind perceived source of fear.

So does that mean positive thinking carries more weight in feelings of wellbeing and our general state of being content?

Answer is yes. Research has shown those with a more negative outlook in life or with a glass half full belief, generally fare less better with their immune response, have higher anxiety levels and have reduced coping strategies when stressful life-changing events occur.

So pulling it together our thoughts and beliefs carry an extremely strong influence on our overall health and sense of wellbeing.  If we are in a constant stream of negative thinking, or low energy toxic thinking, our cells (50 trillion of them) will pick these up on their antennae and drive a response within our body that enhances low mood, depression, anxiety, immune compromisation, many other illnesses.

Energy Healing

Here are my suggested tools to help you go in the right direction to being on a path where your energy can benefit when you work on your thoughts and beliefs:

  • Meditation and mindfulness

Allowing ourselves to gently become aware and observe our thoughts and inner body sensations, helps begin our connection to ‘what goes on inside our head’. Meditation doesn’t mean the process of stopping all thought, as that is a myth. It’s creating space for us to observe the thoughts, and then allow them to move on. I embarked on a meditation course 11 years ago with the Dublin Buddhist Meditation Centre and I’ve learned that no matter what is going on in my head at the time, I’m allowing myself to turn up to the practice. Even if I don’t feel like it (and believe me that can happen often), I meet the resistance and tune in.

  • Visualisation

Is the practice of seeing and feeling our body healing, or adjusting to any new change, or seeing that positive changes can happen no matter how dire the circumstances. It’s like activating imaginary cells. Dr. Bruce Lipton pHD in Epigenetics https://www.brucelipton.com/, spoke at a recent Positive Nights https://www.positivelife.ie/positivenights/  event and he described the metaphor of the caterpillar in the cocoon, needing imaginary cells to work in order for the caterpillar cells to die. This opens the door for the butterfly cells to form; for metamorphosis to occur and the imaginary or visualisation cells are actively taking part to ensure the transformation takes place.

  • Affirmations

Affirming the opposite belief to what you may hold (consciously and subconsciously) embarks you towards growing a higher state of inner belief and welcomes a self love and inner compassion which is the true healer of all illnesses. Much of our subconscious belief patterns are rooted before we are aged 7, so what we observe and perceive in the behaviours, attitudes and relationships of those who raised us, becomes 95% of our subconscious beliefs. When you question why some beliefs and societal conditioning becomes too tight a skin on you, and you feel it’s no longer resonating, I use the term of a

‘subconscious-belief-eviction’ taking place.

A new belief can now take its place. Affirmations are used until you become part of that belief. Having it on a fridge door isn’t enough; it needs repeating and repeating. for this. Also EFT and Tapping helps a person restore to the higher state of beliefs which creates a healing vibration of the body and mind.

Just go and simply explore.

If you don’t make a decision to address your inner world, nothing in your outer world will change. So you’ve nothing to loose.

For me one of my affirmations that I feel inspired in the mornings before getting up, is

‘I choose to be brave’

Brene Brown

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I am Energy: Part 2

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