Bio-Energy Healing Therapy

Niamh Kissane is an accredited therapist providing this complementary therapy that allows the bodies energy field to move and flow as they were designed to, helping to ease and remove blocks and restore well-being.

From Symptoms of Back Pain or Low Energy Levels, I can help facilitate your energy to flow in it's optimum way and begin the steps to re-connect you back to better vibrancy and balance

Bio Energy Healing

Bio-Energy healing

Bio-Energy Therapy aims to balance the bodies energy field helping to remove blocked, stuck, or stagnant energies from the body and energy system.

Bio-Energy Therapy

Who Can Benefit?

The benefits of Bio-Energy Therapy can be felt and appreciated by anyone for a variety of reasons, at any point in their lives.


Major Changes

Mental Health

Meet Niamh

Bio-Energy Healing has been a life changing therapy to ease the struggles I had previously battled with.  It opened a door for me which led to a wider awareness of how to live with greater joy, ease and peace.  

When this opened up, I knew how it felt to be more in harmony with my body, and most especially my thoughts and emotions.  It even helped bring me back to a deeper place of connection to who I was and the childlike engagement to life and my place in the Universe. I knew I was never alone and despite experiencing moments of forgetting this, I trusted life back to what I had experienced when I was a child.


Bio-Energy Therapist Association

Niamh is a member of BETA, Bio-Therapist Association in Ireland 

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