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"Would you like to feel lighter, more resilient and better able to cope with the ups and downs of life?"

During Bio-Energy healing, clients describe a deep sense of relaxation, calm and grounding. Keeping our energy system clear of dull energies restores us back to our true selves and brings back harmony to our overall health and wellbeing.

It can help with opening our channels of clarity to help in making better choices in life which helps bring out the best in ourselves.

Bio-Energy Therapy can help in managing sports injuries and trauma from accidents through accelerating the healing process, and lessening the impact of shock. During any sudden loss or trauma events that happens in our lives, small or big, when the energy of shock is allowed to move, it won’t remain stuck within our energy systems, and thus won’t affect, or only minimally affect, our physical body.

There are many ways in which to help keep harmony to our energy field and prevent any leaks or blockages from occurring. I will explain and teach you about these during our Bio-Energy Therapy session together. 

Your sessions can be done in my clinic or through Distance Sessions where I can meet you in your living room with phone call, WhatsApp Video Call, or Zoom.

Session Prices

 During the session, your energy will reveal information about what may be causing your symptoms or ailment.  I’ll discuss this information with you, and hence you will better informed what changes, big or small, you can make to better empower your daily life.


How many sessions you will need differs for everybody, but to make real and positive lasting changes, I usually advise 4 to 6 bookings. Our body houses our Spirit and taking care of our body enhances our connection with it.  



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Niamh is a member of B.E.T.A., Bio-Energy Therapists Association of Ireland

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